Pagan Symbols

On the next few pages you will find some graphics, some animated, some not. Check back often, for I intend to keep adding to these pages.

Since graphics pages are so terribly slow to load, I have broken these pages down into many with fewer graphics per page, and text links instead of buttons. I hope this makes it easier for you.

I would like it very much if you borrow my graphics if you would link to my page, either a text link or a banner. You will find a couple banners at the bottom of this page.

To save a graphic to your system, just right click on the image, then click on *Save As Picture* to save.

Because graphics pages are so slow to load, sometimes an image or more is skipped. If this happens, you will see a box with a little red *X* in the upper corner rather than the graphic. Right click on it, click on *Show Picture* from the menu that pops up, and the image should then load.

A word about the background. You will find a little chart at the top of the page - it will be a list of colors. Just run your mouse over the chart to change the color of the background; this way you will have some idea how each image will look on your background. If you click on the chart, you will end up back at my main index page.

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My thanks to Curtis Clark for the use of his Woolbats in the creation of some of the graphics on my pages. You can visit his wonderful site and download some really unique fonts and dingbats.

The background color-change script came from Java Goodies. This site doesn't seem to be available anymore.